Zoom Beats TikTok App

Zoom Beats TikTok App 1

The international lockdown and self-isolation state imposed by the novel COVID-19 has made 2020 the year of online meeting, video calling and virtual conferencing; and that’s why online services and apps such as Zoom and Microsoft Meets have been heavily utilized over the past few months. Zoom has managed to successfully attract the attention of millions and millions of users from around the world who use the app daily to conduct various tasks – conferences, lectures and business meetings.

Zoom App

However it was revealed lately that Zoom succeeded in beating TikTok to become the most downloaded app in a single quarter.

Video calling service

Zoom updated its service and introduced various new features over the past 12 weeks and that enabled the video calling service to reach out to more people in different countries. The Zoom iOS app was downloaded more than 94 million times from the start of April until the end of June this year. The app attracted millions of users from big markets such as the US and India both of which contributed to its massive success. Previously Tik Tok was the no. 1 downloaded app – prior to the pandemic – but after the increasing demand for a trusted, online, video-conferencing service, Zoom became the top downloaded app in recent months.

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Zoom App

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