Zoom Allows you to Record and Edit Meetings

Zoom Allows you to Record and Edit Meetings 1

Zoom is one of the most popular and successful instant-messaging platforms that has been applauded by millions for its various features and different properties. Currently Zoom is gaining even more popularity in many parts of the world due the worldwide quarantine imposed by Coronavirus. And because now people need to work from home to achieve their monthly income, Zoom is here to fully assist you in your daily routine whether it’s a professional one or not!

Zoom simply allows you to record your business meetings easily and effiecntly, and then edit them and allow others to record too. It’s easy to record a meeting from the desktop or mobile version of the app through clicking on the record button at the bottom of the screen. Plus you can allow other partners to record the meeting/s too – if you’re the host – by setting up the recording permission through the settings of the app.

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Furthermore if you have a Zoom membership – Business, Pro or Enterprise membership – you can record meetings easily via the smartphone app. But these recordings will be saved to an online folder – Zoom cloud! Every Zoom membership is allowed a limited storage space for cloud recordings that you can use anytime. If you’re running out of cloud space, or want to buy more, you can go straight to the official Zoom webpage for cloud recording to check out the information and extra services available.

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