Why Zoom Meetings cancelled work on new Features

Why Zoom Meetings cancelled work on new Features 1

Zoom is a video conferencing and video chat app that is the topmost downloading app among video conferencing apps. In recent days a piece of news was circulating that Zoom is no safer to use because it was being reported by many users that their data was leaked out because meetings remained opened even if the host has locked them.

Another issue that raised about the privacy and security issue of Zoom was that hackers have got access to the webcam of users by hijacking it. And even some strangers were entering the meetings and harassing them. And obviously that is not a good sign.

So keeping all these issues in mind the CEO and founder of Zoom Mr. Eric Yuan has decided that in the next 90 days there are not introducing any new features rather all the concentration would be given to address all the security issues to gain the confidence of people again and make Zoom one of the reliable app to be used by everyone. He also apologized to the users for recent security issues that Zoom didn’t keep a check on this problem.

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He added that because all the concentration was on the new users that were joining Zoom in recent times. And there was a record increase in the users as Mr. Eric Yuan stated that in the past year in December the total number of users was 10 million both paid and free users which reached 200 million this March. But now they are fully focused on recovering the past reliable security and privacy patterns to Zoom. And for that reason a transparency report would be made after the close inspection by the experts. So for 90 days, new features are not a matter of focus.

As the world is suffering the Corona Virus issue and is locked down at homes but it is necessary to run their businesses. All the employers and employees also want to work while sitting at their home so Zoom was the best option so far until the security issues were not raised. Because everyone wants his essential data to be saved.

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