How to Use Zoom Cloud Meetings for Video Conferencing

How to Use Zoom Cloud Meetings for Video Conferencing 1

Zoom cloud meetings is an application designed to offer HD video calling services to its users. There are multiple numbers of software that offer video conferencing but one of the best software used is “Zoom”. It works under a company named Zoom Video Communication. Zoom is the application that provides the service of teleconferencing, distance education, social relations, and telecommuting. All these services run through a cloud-based peer-to-peer software forum. The founder of the company is Eric Yuan. This app allows connecting others who are physically far from us but it is urgent to communicate with them. This application was initially released in 2013 to help people connect each other. At that time, it allowed up to 100 people to connect whereas now 1000 persons can also be in a meeting at the same time.

Zoom Software

This has greatly helped in increasing use of this application. This application is easy to use and is easily available on Play Store. It is also available for apple product users and can be downloaded on PCs. It can also be used on browser. It can easily work on 3G / 4G and Wi-Fi internet.

This app/software/platform offers a lot of other services alongside video calling. Zoom cloud meetings allows the participants of the meeting to share their screens. This allows them to show presentations and other documents to other participants. Members of the meeting can also chat while in meeting. They can also send messages privately to other members. Virtual hand raising, polling and Question-Answer sessions can also be conducted while in a meeting. The sound quality offered is extremely brilliant and voice calls can be made in around 55+ countries. Virtual backgrounds on iPhone 8 and iPad 5 and Pro are also available.

Online Conferences, Submmits, Webinars, Chats

Zoom cloud meetings has received a lot of criticism from the users and rating organizations. There are multiple reasons of it. Firstly, it is mostly criticized for data hoarding practices. It asks users to provide unnecessary information while creating a zoom account. Information held in cloud is also not safe as standard data encryption software is not used. Although zoom authorities claim that they provide end-to-end encryption but it has been proved that they lied in this regard. Multiple security vulnerabilities have also been identified.

Although there are many concerns over the use of this application, but still its use has increased by 67% in March 2020 because of lockdowns throughout the World due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of academic institutes have started online classes using this platform. Since the video calls can be recorded as well, so it helps students a lot who can again listen to the lectures afterwards. Many organizations are also using this facility to take work from their employees without calling them to offices.

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Download Zoom App

Install Zoom on your Windows PC

Download Zoom for Android

Zoom for iPhone/iPad

How to Use

People can take benefit from its features for free if they are using it in the given limit of 100 participants and 40-minute conversation but if the user  wants to increase the limit, 15-20 dollars would be charged per month and usage of Zoom Rooms cost 50 to 100 dollars per month. Because of Coronavirus people are avoiding to meet each other and are linking up with each other through these types of applications which became a reason for the boost up of downloads of this app from 100 million to 200 million in March,2020.

The features of this app are very simple to use. The app runs directly through the website or it can be downloaded on desktop or mobile. It is a desktop-based app but can be friendly for both android and iOS.

The user can operate Zoom very smoothly, first off the user have to go to the Zoom website then sign up by giving the required information. Then it will show up all the options of joining, scheduling, or hosting a meeting, and to utilize these options users have to give the Meeting ID. This front page also presents the option of Profile through which a user can make changes in e-mail, profile picture, password, or settings. It also orients the option of Webinar but it can only be utilized if the user is paying monthly. Then Zoom is featured with the Tab of recordings which can save meetings.

All these features can be directly used through the Zoom website but if the user downloads the app of Zoom on its desktop, it’s front layout will show four tabs named HOME, CHAT, MEETINGS, and CONTACTS. These tabs will function the same as the tabs function through the website, but the difference is that user can use the app directly from the taskbar of desktop or mobile.

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