Download Zoom Meeting for Windows PC

Download Zoom Meeting for Windows PC 1

Zoom is a video conferencing app available to help out people to connect without gathering at an office. Its CEO is Eric Yuan and is founded in 2011. It is available on your phones and computers both. It is the second most downloaded app.

It is the video conferencing app available for students who want to get connected to the teachers or their friends for group study and also used by workers to arrange a meeting online.

Install Zoom

You can install this app on Mac or your PC. If you want to use it on your computer, simply go to and click on sing up. After you have signed up, the interface of zoom opens in which two options are given: join a meeting and host a meeting. After sign up, the desktop app is automatically downloaded or you can download it through

Download Zoom Meeting for Windows PC 2

If you want to join a meeting there is no need of logging in. simply, just click the invitation link send to you on your email or any other source. You can also join the meeting by putting a meeting ID on the home page of Zoom to get connected. You can receive an incoming call.

If you want to host a meeting then it is important to log in. when you would log in, your permission would be required for access to your PC’s audio and video. Once you allow then accept the changes and get ready to host a meeting.


Download Zoom for Windows

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