Download Zoom for Android, iPhone and iPad

Download Zoom for Android, iPhone and iPad 1

The world-famous app for video conferencing is named Zoom. Zoom is the second most downloaded app. Its company is headquartered in California, USA and the founder is Erik Yuan. It is quite helpful for workers and students to get connected sitting at their homes. Its website is


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If you want to use Zoom on your smartphone, it is also available there but with a slightly different version than computers. The reason is the limited space available on phones. At the bottom you can see the tabs like meetings, meet and chat, settings and contacts. When you select the “Meet and Chat” option, you can see different options. You can see a star icon at the top left corner that shows your favorites and on the top right corner the pencil icon helps you to write a new message.


By clicking on “Meetings”, you can invite someone for a meeting by sending an invitation. You can see the list of upcoming meetings. You can send a call, edit the meetings list and delete any upcoming meeting. By tapping on a meeting you can see the options of inviting the people then you can send them a message to join the meeting.


When you click on “Contacts”, you can see contacts and channels at the top. The contacts consist of all your starred favorites and contacts of the company. There is a + icon on the top right corner through that you can add any contact or create a new channel. The contacts are individuals but a channel is a group of these contacts.

Download Zoom for Android, iPhone and iPad 2

If you want to do some changes in your profile then all this can be done with the help of “Settings”. You can change your password and profile photo by clicking the settings. You can make “Siri Shortcuts” here as well. From here you can sign out of the Zoom app.

There is an interesting feature in the Zoom app called “raise hand”. It is used to show other participants that you have something useful to add in the conversation without interrupting the meeting. So you can use this feature on your smartphone as well during conducting a meeting using Zoom.


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